Painting Interiors and Exteriors

Painting Interiors and Exteriors

It is important that the painter is well organized in his work and is a professional. Preparing the painting surface is an important prerequisite for painting work. Especially if it is a repainting work the old surface has to be scraped and redone well. One must start with deep cleaning, followed by surface preparation that involves putty work. Our Restore painting team can take up any level of works within the city. Interior painting Depending on various factors one has the choice of applying one of the following paints. Qualities like water resistance, durability and price are the main considerations for ddeeciding on a brand or quality of paint for interiors.

• Distemper
• Emulsion Paint
• Enamel paint

Exteriors painting Exterior painting is all about the weather, Changes in weather always has an impact on the paint and hence requires a time based decision. The common paints used for outdoors are

• Cement paint
• Emulsion paints

Painting of a house, apartment or bungalow is done due to various reasons and we can understand the need of the time. Some of the advantages of a good paint job include,

• Increased value of house
• Fresh and new look
• Better ROI
• Gives a better feeling
• New trend
• Improve class and aesthetics

A paint contractor/ interior designer must suggest color selections and give expert advice on the type of paint that can be used based on the client budget etc. There must be a professional team that does a neat finishing of work. While some people like a matt finish others prefer a glossy finish. We also come across silky satin finishes that are ultra smooth. Other terms used are the egg shell finish. After the work is done a clean house handover is always mandatory. Restore inhouse team is quite responsive and always takes care of issues like wall cracks, or spots on wall etc with the right attitude. Do contact the to give your home/property an elegant look.